See Thy Soul

What Am I?

Knowledge of the meaning of life can be gained by searching within

If you want to know the meaning of life, you only but to look at yourself and see the true desires of your heart. You will realize that what you truly desire is freedom–from your beliefs, opinions, and attachments of... Continue Reading →

Meditation is … and more

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Your Head

You have only one head and look after it for it’s a marvellous thing. No machinery, no electronic computers can compare with it. It’s so vast, so complex, so utterly capable, subtle and productive. It’s the storehouse of experience, knowledge,... Continue Reading →

Krishnamurti on Experience and Awareness

On my last post, I expressed the idea that we can choose to stop experiencing which is a radical change in being, I know. But we've only known experience, you say. is there something else aside from experience? When we... Continue Reading →

I’ve never considered the depth of the word ‘experience’. It is like a key which opens a door to a plethora of understanding.

Isn’t experience the sole purpose of why we are here? And yet no one ever told us why we have to experience. We never wondered what would happen if we suddenly decide not to experience. But the timeless guru, Nisargadatta... Continue Reading →

How shall I serve humanity?

I am so small I can barely be seen. How can this great love be inside me? “Look at your eyes. They are small, But they see enormous things” How shall I help the world? “By understanding it,” And how... Continue Reading →

Going Beyond

As long as one is conscious, there will be pain and pleasure. You cannot fight pain and pleasure on the level of consciousness. To go beyond them must go beyond consciousness, which is possible only when you look at consciousness... Continue Reading →

Letter To My 16 y/o Self

I am you writing from the future. I know what you’re going through right now. Where you are, with what your little consciousness can comprehend, I am telling you that you’re in for a rough ride and you need to... Continue Reading →

Living From Your Soul (II)

In Part I of Living From Your Soul, I enumerated four of the ways in which we  can live from the highest expression of our being--our souls. As I live from my soul, I discover new things concerning the soul... Continue Reading →

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