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What Am I?

Knowledge of the meaning of life can be gained by searching within


If you want to know the meaning of life, you only but to look at yourself and see the true desires of your heart. You will realize that what you truly desire is freedom–from your beliefs, opinions, and attachments of this world. Because deep down you know these things limit you from expressing your higher qualities and essence. Deep down you hope for something more, something that is not of this world to manifest into your life.

Meditation is simply…


and that means a lot!

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Your Head

You have only one head and look after it for it’s a marvellous thing. No machinery, no electronic computers can compare with it. It’s so vast, so complex, so utterly capable, subtle and productive. It’s the storehouse of experience, knowledge, memory. All thought springs from it. What it has put together is quite incredible: the mischief, the confusion, the sorrows, the wars, the corruptions, the illusions, the ideals, the pain and misery, the great cathedrals, the lovely mosques and the sacred temples. It is fantastic what it has done and what it can do. But one thing it apparently cannot do: change completely its behaviour in its relationship to another head, to another man. Neither punishment nor reward seem to change its behaviour; knowledge doesn’t seem to transform its conduct. The me and the you remain. It never realizes that the me is the you, that the observer is the observed. Its love is its degeneration; its pleasure is its agony; the gods of its ideals are its destroyers. Its freedom is its own prison; it is educated to live in this prison, only  making it more comfortable, more pleasurable. You have only one head, care for it, don’t destroy it. It’s so easy to poison it.

(Jiddu Krishnamurti)

Krishnamurti on Experience and Awareness

On my last post, I expressed the idea that we can choose to stop experiencing which is a radical change in being, I know. But we’ve only known experience, you say. is there something else aside from experience?

When we penetrate the true nature of experience and its significance for us, we see that we have the freedom to say no to it. There will be just the awareness and observation. What this means is that “the experiencer is the experience” and there is no division in consciousness, in being.

This division or fragmentation in ourselves has been made obvious to us by this remarkable individual in his numerous discourse on the mind, and what it means to be an “unconditionally free human being”.

Now hear what Jiddu Krishnamurti has to say on experience:

We are asking: what is the significance of experience? Has it any significance? Can experience wake up a mind that is asleep, that has come to certain conclusions and is held and conditioned by beliefs? Can experience wake it up, shatter all that structure? Can such a mind – so conditioned, so burdened by its own innumerable problems and despairs and sorrows – respond to any challenge? – can it? And if it does respond, must not the response be inadequate and therefore lead to more conflict? Always to seek for wider, deeper, transcendental experience, is a form of escape from the actual reality of ‘what is,’ which is ourselves, our own conditioned mind. A mind that is extraordinarily awake, intelligent, free, why should it need, why should it have, any ‘experience’ at all? Light is light, it does not ask for more light. The desire for more ‘experience’ is escape from the actual, the ‘what is’.

Then on awareness:

And again, there are those who practice ‘awareness.’ Can you practice awareness? – if you are ‘practicing’ awareness, then you are all the time being inattentive. So, be aware of inattention, not practice how to be attentive; if you are aware of your inattention, out of that awareness there is attention, you do not have to practice it.


Quotes were taken from Jiddu Krishnamurti’s The Flight of The Eagle

I’ve never considered the depth of the word ‘experience’. It is like a key which opens a door to a plethora of understanding.

Isn’t experience the sole purpose of why we are here? And yet no one ever told us why we have to experience. We never wondered what would happen if we suddenly decide not to experience.

But the timeless guru, Nisargadatta has something to tell us about experience.

All experience is illusory, limited and temporal. Expect nothing from experience. Realisation by itself is not an experience, though it may lead to a new dimension of experiences. Yet the new experiences, however interesting, are not more real than the old. Definitely realisation is not a new experience. It is the discovery of the timeless factor in every experience. It is awareness, which makes experience possible. Just like in all the colours light is the colourless factor, so in every experience awareness is present, yet it is not an experience.

The totality of conscious experiences is nature. As a conscious self you are a part of nature. As awareness, you are beyond. Seeing nature as mere consciousness is awareness.

So to not experience doesn’t have to mean death because there is awareness. We just need to return to that awareness and discover the timelessness that has always been with us.

How shall I serve humanity?

I am so small I can barely be seen.
How can this great love be inside me?
“Look at your eyes. They are small,
But they see enormous things”

How shall I help the world?
“By understanding it,”

And how shall I understand it?
“By turning away from it.”

How then shall I serve humanity?
“By understanding yourself.”


Going Beyond

As long as one is conscious, there will be pain and pleasure. You cannot fight pain and pleasure on the level of consciousness. To go beyond them must go beyond consciousness, which is possible only when you look at consciousness as something that happens to you and not in you, as something external, alien, superimposed. Then, suddenly you are free of consciousness, really alone, with nothing to intrude. And that is your true state.

(Nisargadatta Maharaj)

Letter To My 16 y/o Self

I am you writing from the future.

I know what you’re going through right now. Where you are, with what your little consciousness can comprehend, I am telling you that you’re in for a rough ride and you need to hold on tight. I am writing 10 years from where you see life but in reality time does not exist. There is only the NOW moment happening but you see, it’s about the consciousness which expands with time.

All the terror and anxieties you are experiencing are but preparations for what was to come. You are terrified right now because you don’t understand how life really works. But I have understood it and so this is me sending forgiveness to the past. I am sending healing love to you right now, bringing you light even though you comprehend it not. This will give you strength and courage to never give up.

I am not trying to change the past because the past does not really exist. It is your mind which you don’t yet understand. You don’t know who you are and this is why you suffer so much because you believe that you are your experiences. You do not know about the show that’s been going on. Your experience is the show and you are always watching it. You do not know that you can change channels, seek new views. You believe that what you are seeing is what really is.

But that is what you are about to discover. You are to discover that you are the Watcher. You’ve always been the Watcher. Human life is but a show! But you will discover that there is far more to it. Discover how the self, its components work. Discover Being—the source of all experiences. You are here now but what makes you here, now?

You are to seek knowledge of the self and this will give the answers to your questions of, Why is this happening to me? Is there an end to this suffering? In reality self-knowledge will obliterate these questions. These are not your questions. You are to discover the stillness and peace in your own being for that is what you really are.

In the meantime, just be free. Do what you love. Go to nature more often. Love yourself!

Fear not, for all roads lead to the same destination.

This is me telling you that you’ll be fine no matter what and that I love you.

Living From Your Soul (II)

In Part I of Living From Your Soul, I enumerated four of the ways in which we  can live from the highest expression of our being–our souls. As I live from my soul, I discover new things concerning the soul and its purpose for being, its goal for manifestation here in the physical world. When I say “its goal”, the truth is I am talking about MY goal. Because I AM the soul who is manifesting as my consciousness.

Just to recap we have,

1) Be Impersonal

2) Say What You Mean

3) Revere All Life

4) Universal Love

In truth these are all qualities of the soul–Impersonality, Authenticity, Reverence (Oneness with Life), Inclusiveness, and in living them in our own lives we are bringing about the soul qualities in tangible manifestation.

5) Transform Your World

I learned that as a soul we have the power to transform our world. We are equipped–having consciousness, a physical brain, and nervous system, we literally have everything we need. The only thing we need is the knowledge to utilize them. The good news is Science is already progressing in this direction of teaching us that we are indeed powerful beings, that we are not victims of our circumstances and that we have the power to transform our world.

Please watch this video:

You may have heard the words “Present” “Aware” “Mindfulness” etc., and it may not be the first time you have heard them. But what do these words really mean? They are simply a new attitude of mind where we go from being self-conscious to soul-conscious.

In self-consciousness or body-mind consciousness we are only aware of things as they concern us. Our field of activity, from thoughts to actions, revolves around our desires and the fulfillment of those desires. But in soul-consciousness, we expand our consciousness and we are able to contact the field of all possibilities, the field of Reality. In this field, there is no struggle and we are in the flow. When we are conscious, present, aware, mindful, we are one with “What Is”. We all need a little expansion don’t we?

So I invite you to practice this new attitude in your own life and see how your world is transformed.

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